Monday, 2 November 2009

The Company I Keep

Today I sent my deeds to the DVLA. A request for formality; a driving licence with my title on it. Final proof that I am indeed a Lord.

Sat at my computer, I felt compelled to do a little research. What is a Lord? Who else shares this title? I felt privileged to be in such an exclusive club, yet I couldn't help thinking I knew little about the others in my gang. I started to wonder. Would we get on? Would I have anything in common with my fellow Lords?

Of course there is Lord Archer - I suppose we have something in common. We share a love for writing for one thing; not to mention a dislike for certain tabloid newspapers. Yet I couldn't see how his life mirrored mine in any other way. I thought of Lord Mandelson - Seems a nice enough man. But where are our similarities? I am no politician. Plus he studied at Oxford; philosophy or something. The closest I ever came to being philosophical in Oxford was watching Reading Football Club play Oxford United at the old Manor Ground on a damp Tuesday evening; trying to come to terms with exactly why the man stood next to me felt the need to urinate into a cup and then throw it onto the field midway through the game.

This was beginning to worry me slightly (not the urinating, I recovered from that particular trauma years ago). I had to find some common ground. I thought of being a student. Were there any other Lords out there as unemployable as me right now? I thought maybe not. Probably none that lived off £40 a week like I did. What about surfers? There had to be another Lord who surfed. I racked my brains but I could only think of 'The Duke' Kahanamoku; and I wasn't even sure if he was a real Duke. I had to find out. This was where I would begin my research. I decided I would then do everything in my power to find some Lords I could actually relate to...

'The Duke' courtesy of Surfing Museum (click picture for link)

Lord Christopher Ward


  1. You may of course be related to Lord Archer.......

  2. Very well written Lord Christopher.. Not bad for a boy from Coley! I feel this blog should reflect some of your past memories such as Magaluf or Newquay when you fell of that wall!

  3. Thank you for your comments. If you haven't already done so, make sure you follow the blog from the start; 'in the beginning'.

    Feel free to inform everyone you know about what is going on here, and keep an eye out for future blogs; they will be arriving to you once a week from now on...



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