Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The House of Lords

So, call me naive, but in trying to find some other people with titles who I could relate to, I really hadn't considered the world I was submerging myself in. This was a world steeped in tradition and importance, a world rich in history. Also, a world that has caused hundreds of years of controversy and even spite; sometimes justified, sometimes not. A very British world. This was the world of peerage; the world of people in possession of a title.

I asked myself a question early on. Does a boy from Reading with no illustrious ancestry or family heritage actually belong in this world? Maybe not at first glance. It seemed like the majority of nobles just simply inherited their titles; titles even the Internet couldn't grant you. You can never become an Earl or a Baron, for instance. Imagine that.

I then found out 'the Duke' Kahanamoku (check blog #2) wasn't an actual Duke, which depressed me slightly, because I had been holding on to knowing I had at least one noble with something in common, right from the start. With no names appearing (past or present) when 'Lords who surf or are students' was typed into Google, I figured my research may need to be a little more thorough. It was possible I might need to get in amongst the other Lords, for instance. Talk to them. Find out what they do ,and whether life is good.

I searched the Internet once again, and instantly stumbled upon Debrett's guide to peerage. The indefinite guide to anyone who possesses a title. This could perhaps help me. At first I wasn't entirely sure of its accuracy though, as I couldn't find my name anywhere on their list. But then I saw they were advertising on their website the list of 'People for 2010', so I guessed my name would probably be included in that list instead, plus the site looked so professional.

Debrett's. Useful source for people like me.

You see, Debrett's is not just handy for finding out the names of people who have titles, it also helps with etiquette, which I read is important if you are to become someone of noble stature. I took note. 'Always pay your cleaner on time'. That seemed fairly standard, easy to do. 'Never embarrass work colleagues by discussing inappropriate topics'. There may be some things I would need to work on for the future.

My eyes wandered to the top of the website which said something about the House of Lords and it suddenly hit me. That's what i need to do! I need to get myself into the place that is full of Lords. That would make my plan so much easier. Plus I was one of them, right? Surely there was a legal obligation for me to be present there at some point anyway? Initially I figured, just book a train ticket to London and head on down, but then common sense prevailed. Contact them first. Debrett's told me that would be good etiquette. You always make sure its OK to just show up somewhere, before actually doing so...

Lord Christopher Ward

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