Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Making a new friend with my title

Email received 19th April 2010:

Dear Lord Ward,

My name is Suzanne Alfred Akinbiyi-Beto, I am 25 years old girl, from Freetown City, Sierra Leone.

Actually it takes once to know a friend by one day and we will start learning each other gradually, i want us to be friends though i know distance is far but i believe that love is a bridge that can connect far distance to be closer.

My likings are: honesty, trustworthy, friendly, kind, caring, respectful, tolerance, patience, realistic person. my dislikings are liars, cheaters, self centered, disrespectful, too dominating, negative out look on life.

About my family: My late Father Alfred Akinbiyi-Beto JP - Chairman 1994-99 Freetown City Council and also Chairman, Gold and Diamond...Mineral Resources Ministry Other - businessman too.

I am presently in Dakar, Senegal under the care of Pastor Dominik Nielson, I am looking for someone who i can trust to share my burden, joy and happiness of my life with. Please I will like you to write back to me and tell me more about yourself with your picture and Phone number.

You can call me with our Rev Pastor phone number *************, please when you call tell him that you want to speak with Suzanne.

I attach my photo for you to see me, send me your photo and phone number.


From your lovely


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  1. She sounds like a really sincere and friendly girl; give her a call! If her father was in the Diamond business then she might have an exorbitant amount of money that she can send to you...all you'll need to do is give her your bank details - easy money! Call her now Lord Ward!



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