Monday, 22 March 2010

The Eccentrics in the News

I got back to Cornwall from the Eccentric Club late at night, having managed to find myself a train to sit and feel sorry for myself on. I parked myself in front of my computer and found a link to a BBC news feature about the Convivial Meeting:

Click on the picture to find out more

The club night appeared to have made BBC news.

I was disappointed that I hadn't been interviewed, and also that I hadn't even been notified of the news team's presence; but at the same time the story had at least solved one of the many questions I'd yet to find an answer to - there was indeed a man with a birdcage on his head present.

I decided to send my good friend Imants an email. I had to know the answer to one of the other question I had for him - Had there really been someone there who might get me into a formal dinner at the House of Lords?

Lord Christopher Ward

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